Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blog #46

In the last almost 3 months now, many of you have been reading about my interviews, revelations, and struggles dealing with being unemployed and searching for employment status. Part of me wondered if I would be writing this blog forever at the rate I was going! If being unemployed was just going to be something that happened and continued until finally one day I just didn’t apply for jobs anymore and went for plan B…whatever plan B was I’m not sure, I haven’t gotten that far.
I got a job offer. I was offered a job to work with a national nonprofit at their headquarters. As I had mentioned earlier I had been interviewing there for almost 2 months! And even though I didn’t get the original position, they offered me the opportunity to interview for another position. It is a true, “get your foot in the door position,” the kind that most people don’t stay in for too long because it gives you the basic tools to move out in the world, or up in the organization.
Of course I accepted, and it’s been a pretty great day. I made many phone calls and sent out texts, it took all of my will power to not post something on facebook because I wanted to “save” my joy for the blog.  Part of me is really excited, I did it! I got a job! Part of me is scared, it’s been 2 years since I’ve last worked, and about 7 months since I graduated from college. This is something I have never done, this is one of those opportunity jobs that people turn down because they don’t like the pay, or they believe they deserve better than to start out on the bottom…lucky for me, I’m not one of those people. I’m the kind of people who goes back to college when they are 28 and has to sit next to 18 year olds in intro to Sociology class.
Part of me knew the day would come where I was going to be part of the “employed” again, but honestly part of me didn’t want to be. I enjoy writing this blog. I enjoy all of the strangers who read it and get hope because they know they aren’t alone. Maybe they don’t all agree with everything I’m saying, maybe they think I’m full of “it” read once and never come back. But writing this blog gave me something to look forward to every other day, and to all of you who read because you wanted to know how my journey would end, thank you.
I look at it like this. Everything I wrote here was something I experienced, and there is so much more I would love to say. I will still be technically unemployed until January 2011, so I would love to continue to write and inspire those of you are still looking or those of you who are close with someone who is struggling through unemployment. If people follow my blog and want me to continue, I will. I feel a deep amount of empathy and although I will not be able to relate as I had in the past, that doesn’t mean I will ever forget. Of course I will need to change the name to my blog, but as I said that depends on you, the reader.
Shows get canceled after they “jump the shark” but somehow Friends stayed on for many years after Rachel and Ross got together, then broke up, then got back together…well you get my point did I reach my peak? I hope getting a job isn’t my “jumping the shark” moment of blogging, and I can continue to write. But I leave that in your hands. At least be prepared for about 3 more weeks of advice, inspiration, and things that you might not have thought about or considered for your future, because just like a senior who has finished their finals and knows they are graduating in 2 weeks, they haven’t graduated yet, and I’m taking advantage of the time I have left.


  1. Congratulations! I'm so proud of you and you deserve to be given the opportunity to finally make the lives of others as great as ours!

  2. Awesome News!!! Congrats! I say don't stop writing your blog...

  3. WOO HOO! Congrats!!! Keep writing a blog!